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Vets and Nurses


Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Director

Dr Rosie grew up in toowoomba, QLD, surrrounded by nature and animals. She enrolled in Veterinary Science at the age of 16. Following graduation and five years in mixed practice, Rosie undertook a Masters Degree studying the Koala adrenal gland and its role in Koala stress syndrome. During her post-gaduate studies, she was offered a position as the first full time Veterinarian at Lone Pine Koala sanctuary with a population of 80 Koalas. That position led to an offer of employment with the Zoological Board of Victoria which allowed Rosie the opportunity to participate in a number of Zoo breeding programs for threatened species.

In 1995, Rosie represented the Australian Association of Verterinary Conservation Biologists and AusAID by providing training to Nepalese Veterinarians on wildlife management. From 2004 to 20011 Rosie worked as the co-ordinator of zoo breeding of threatened species for the QLD government. During this time she was able to manage the re-introduction of 172 individuals of six species.

Rosie has continued her commitment to conservation, research and wildlife rehabilitation by taking up the position of Director of the Australian Wildlife Hospital. Under Rosie's leadership, the hospital will contribute to research with direct conservation outcomes and promote a harmonious co-existence between humans and wild animals which share our planet.



Danny joined the AZWH in Nov 2015. Danny is very familiar with the Zoo as he was a Vet consultant for 7 years when Australia Zoo was called the "Beerwah Reptile Park".Danny is also a member of the Australian college of Veterinary Scientists in Avian health. He has also lectured in agricultural and Avian medicine topics, and written articles on Avian and Reptile medicine. He has also written books on medicine and husbandry of Birds and Reptiles, most recently the 1000 page "A guide to Australian Lizards in captivity."




Claire joined the Zoo Crew in August 2016. This is not the first time Claire has worked with Australia Zoo, as she was a Big Cats handler in 2006. I'm very passionate about conservation and I am proud to work for a company with such strong conservation views.


AZWH Director's Assistant

Julie joined the Zoo Crew in September 2015. Julie has 25 year of experience behind her from a fauna spotter to wildlife carer. 

One amazing experience Julie has had was in Tasmania. A young Tasssie devil came out of the bush and wrapped itself around my leg. Mum eventually came out to collect it by calling."

Outside of the Zoo Julie enjoys classic cars "I love my '58 Cadillac", and her Silkie Bantam Chickens.



Veterinary Nurse

Jayde joined the Zoo Crew in June 2015. Having grown up in Northern NSW, Jayde has always been surrounded by native animals, and loves every minute working at the Hospital. "I love the Zoo's conservation focus. It is great to be a part of the contribution to such a huge conservation facility. I hope to contribute to Steve's dream by helping sick and injured wildlife."

Outside of the Zoo, Jayde enjoys kayaking and Hiking with her Dog.


Veterinary Nurse

Sarah joined the Zoo Crew in September 2015. Sarah has 15yrs experience as a Vet Nurse and loves all animals and is keen to educate our guests on conservation.

Sarah has had some amazing experiences while treking through the Sumatran Jungle, seeing Orangutans and Elephants. Working with rescued Sun and Moon Bears in Cambodia. 


Veterinary Nurse

Natalie joined the Wildlife Hospital in August 2015. "I have always found great personal satisfaction from being able to care for injured animals and wildlife. I love working at the Zoo as it allows me to learn from the extremely highly skilled and experienced staff, and to be part of a cohesive, dedicated team that shares my passion for helping wildlife."

Outside of the Zoo, Natalie enjoys spending time outside, hiking and exploring the different national reserves and parklands throughout the Sunshine Coast.


Veterinarian Nurse

Linda joined the Zoo crew in November 2016. Having 5 years experience with small animals, Linda will be helping all our native wildlife. Prior to Vet Nurisng, Linda completed a business degree whilst working in retail and sales. "I've always been drawn to protecting animals, and particularly passionate about conservation. They need our help and I am truly honoured to be part of a team of focused individuals."


Veterinarian Nurse

Katarina joined the Zoo Crew in May 2016. Katarina has many years of experience, having working as a Keeper at the Zoo for 6 years in the past. "I left the Zoo to study and become a Veterinarian Nurse. I am grateful to help treat injured, unwell and orphaned wildlife. They really need our help."


Veterinarian Nurse

Louise joined the Zoo Crew in Jan 2017. Having spent 4 years working with the RSPCA and rescuing alot of different animals, Louise is now focusing on saving our native wildlife.


Veterinarian Nurse

Kiara joined the Zoo Crew in Jan 2017. Having moved from south of the border, Kiara is now helping all our native wildlife and conservation efforts at Australia Zoo. "I love helping different wildlife species eah day. Knowing that I've made a difference." Kiara has also hand raised orphaned Baboons in South Africa and once they started to become independant, moving them into a semi-wild enclosure back to the wild where they belong."



Calyce joined the Zoo Crew early 2013 and comes from a background of teaching music and drama. Her favourite aspect of working at Australia Zoo is the hands on experience with the animals.
Like many of our keepers Calyce does not have a favourite animal at the Zoo. She loves them all and finds it amazing how each animal has their own unique personality.
Calyce has travelled overseas following her passion for animals with her favourite experience walking Pumas in Bolivia.



Jacob joined the team as a keeper in 2013, after volunteering at the wildlife hospital for 10 months. While working at the wildlife hospital, Jacob is studying to become a marine biologist at the University of Queensland and intends to study vet nursing after he is finished his degree. His favourite animal at the zoo would have to be the tigers, but he is particularly fond of sea turtles. 

He loves working at the AZWH because the people around him also have a strong passion to care for and rehabilitate wildlife, whilst trying to promote awareness about the dangers that they face. In terms of hobbies, Jacob loves to scuba dive as much as he can. He also likes to rock climb, play soccer and cricket and also help transport wildlife in his spare time. Anything to do with the outdoors and he is certain to be interested! He loves to travel and plans on spending some time studying overseas before he finishes his degree. Most of Jacob's animal experiences have come from everyday situations at the hospital and he is very grateful for every opportunity he gets!


Receptionist / Admin

Gina joined the Zoo Crew in November 2014. Having previously being a volunteer helping cleanout Koala enclosures, assisting Vet Nurses and working in reception, Gina was offered employment a few months later.

"I'm especially proud and passionate about our unique wildlife and it's a privilege to ba a part of an amazing team, dedicated to protection and conservation."

Outside of the Zoo Gina enjoys Standup Paddle boarding, sailing, camping, and Bush walking.



Maurice joined the Zoo crew in January 2017. Having completed an assistant  Vet Nurse course in New Zealand, Maurice is keen to help out at the AZWH. "I am very passionate about conservation and rehabilitation, and the Zoo is very much focused on this.


Senior Veterinarian and Coordinator of Veterinary Research

Amber has had a passion for wildlife for as long as she can remember and dreamed of being a vet. Growing up, she experienced Australian wildlife through raising injured fruit bats and the occasional possum and wallaby.

Amber's real experiences with wildlife began 10 years ago when she travelled to South Africa for a wildlife symposium and game capture course. She loved it so much that she returned in the beginning of 2003 to continue her veterinary degree there for the year. That year, Amber was lucky enough to get a job with the DeWildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre in South Africa. She worked as an assistant handler for one of their ambassador cheetahs and as a tour guide, helped with feeding and also assisted the vet with all sorts of procedures from minor injuries to limb amputations. She also got involved with the African Wild Dogs and Brown Hyena.

After returning to Australia in 2004, Amber completed an externship program with Taronga Zoo for four weeks and in 2005 spent some time at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and met the staff, which Amber says turned out to be the best thing she had done. This, along with her experiences overseas and in Australia, helped her get to where she is today - a fulltime vet at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Amber is now one of the senior veterinarians at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and is the coordinator of veterinary research in our facility. In her spare time she is undertaking a research degree (MPhil) with the University of Queensland investigating disease and the reason for beach strandings in sea snakes. Her research will create the first complete set of health indices for sea snakes in the world and shed some light on what is currently happening in our marine environment.

In addition to this Amber is a core member of the Koala Research Network and volunteers her time and veterinary skills in various research projects, particularly in the area of koala research and conservation in Australia, and conservation projects globally. Amber has volunteered her time in numerous countries including Sumatra and Borneo where she provides valuable input in to veterinary care for endangered animals including tigers, orang-utans, and elephants.


Office Manager and Student Liaison Personnel

Kathy joined the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital as part of our administration team in August 2007. She had worked for over 17 years for another not-for-profit organisation and feels privileged to now be part of an "awesome and passionate team that all work so well together" caring for injured wildlife and promoting conservation. Kathy loves animals - outside of work she enjoys the outdoors and bush walking and often can be found on top of Mt Ngun Ngun. Her number one life experience so far has been scuba driving and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.



Christine Started with the Zoo Crew in Dec 2013. She was previously one of our awesome volunteers at the Hospital. She also has 25yrs experience in the IT industry as a Network Engineer. Christine loves working with the Koalas and has learned to appreciate them while working in their space and the challenges they are being faced with today. Outside of the Zoo Christine enjoys bushwalking, playing the Piano and Guitar, travelling.



Lisa became a keeper in September 2013 after volunteering at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for two years. As a primary school teacher of 13 years and now a keeper she enjoys combining her love of animals with teaching children about the need to respect, protect and care for our precious wildlife. Working at Australia Zoo and the Wildlife Hospital is a dream for Lisa as she adores animals and is passionate about conservation and education combined.


Hospital Cleaner

Brenda joined the team as a cleaner at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital in February 2012.  Brenda has many years of experience in cleaning, mainly in the aged care industry and is thrilled to be working in such a unique team, working for wildlife conservation. Outside of work Brenda enjoys travel, gardening, computers and music of all kinds.

Dr Phil Moses

Veterinary Specialist Services (VSS)

Dr Philip Moses and his team at VSS are one of the many generous organisations who support the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital on an ongoing basis.

Whenever our veterinarians need assistance, Dr Moses performs specialised orthopaedic surgeries on koalas and other wildlife, free of charge. Although our vets do most of the orthopaedic surgeries ourselves, VSS' expertise is particularly crucial for difficult and complex fractures or injuries close to a joint, as they have specialised equipment and the experience to treat such injuries.

One of our vets and nurses will accompany the animal down to their surgery in Brisbane, and Dr Moses and his team perform the surgery at VSS' Underwood Hospital. The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital are grateful for this incredibly valuable service VSS provide to our wildlife.

Veterinary Specialist Services (VSS) -

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital has over 15 full and part time staff. Meet them here.