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Support Our Business Partners

Thank you for supporting these local and regional businesses that have chosen Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors as one of their corporate social responsibility partners. By purchasing these products or participating in these promotions, you are making a difference for wildlife and getting a unique item or product for yourself at the same time!

If your company would like to donate a percentage of sales or raise funds for Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors through a cause-marketing promotion, we would love to hear from you! Please send your ideas to or call us at +61 7 5436 2026 or freecall (Australia only) 1800 33 43 50.



Want to share your passion for wildlife and animal conservation? What better way to drive the cause than with Personalised Plates on your car? A portion of each sale goes directly to Wildlife Warriors, and the plates and plate combination are yours for life! Choose your own combination, from your name to your birthdate to your favourite animal, and help spread awareness of the Wildlife Warriors mission.

Find out more about Wildlife Warriors plates and create your own combination here:

Vinci Studio Lifestyle Photography

For every family that books for a portrait experience with Vinci Studio including a furry, feathery or scaled pet, they will only be charging a $50 session fee which will go directly to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Vinci will be creating a limited edition coffee table book called Cherished Pets which will showcase all the wonderful families and pets involved. Simply call or email today to book your session

Wanderlust Watches

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors has partnered with Wanderlust Watches to protect wild Sumatran tigers. For every timepiece sold online, Wanderlust Watches donates a portion of the proceeds to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Tiger 511 Project.

To view the range and make a purchase visit:

Earth Soul Connection

Beautiful, thoughtful and engaging works of art… created with a passion for conservation by wildlife artist Mandy Monk, creator of Earth Soul Connection. Earth Soul Connection is your chance to discover truly awesome, hand crafted works and limited edition prints available for purchase that you’ll be proud to display in your home or at your place of work. Your investment not only supports the artist to create more works to add to the Wildlife Warrior Range, your purchase will also see 10% of the marked price sent directly to Wildlife Warriors, helping to continue their critical work as well.

To view the range of artwork and discover your ‘Earth Soul Connection’ visit:

Sprout Wildlife Warriors iPhone Cases

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors is proud to announce our partnership with Sprout, an Australian company based in Brisbane.

Buy 1 of 3 beautiful iPhone cases and $10 goes directly to helping animals in need.

To buy online: