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To be the most effective wildlife conservation organisation in the world through the delivery of outstanding outcome-based programs and projects, inclusive of humanity.


Become part of a global force working to preserve wildlife and wild places. Whether it's a one-off donation, part of a monthly giving program or corporate sponsorship, there are many ways you can give and become a Wildlife Warrior.



From Australia to Africa, beyond to the Asian rainforests and the oceans in between, Wildlife Warriors support conservation projects defending the existence of some of our most threatened wildlife species and natural habitats.



When it comes to habitat conservation and wildlife protection, we can all make a difference by getting involved in fundraising, events, education and volunteering.

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Steve Irwin was one man. One man can make a difference. YOU can make a difference!


Located adjacent to Australia Zoo at Beerwah in Queensland, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital was opened in March 2004.

Inspired by the memory of Steve’s mum Lyn Irwin who was a pioneer in wildlife care and rehabilitation, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is dedicated to saving our native species.

If you find sick or injured wildlife, call the 24 Hr Australian Wildlife Emergency Hotline
1300 369 652

Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile − Ambrosia the Tiny Koala Joey

wildlife hospital patient profile

30th May 2016

Found: Tiny Ambrosia was brought to the hospital with her mother after her mother was attacked by dogs on a private property in Somerset, Queensland

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Read as many books as you can from 15 October until 15 November and help save our precious wildlife at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Sponsors can donate per book or per minutes read. It’s that easy!

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Our Joey Ambassadors are a very special group of young people who show a real commitment to the cause. They epitomise the things that Steve was famous for and are the next generation to take us forward in conservation. Does this sound like you?

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If you have organised a fundraising event for the benefit of Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide please do send us details as we would love to acknowledge it.

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