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Patient of the Week

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital cares for thousands of wildlife patients every year, from turtles and birds to koalas. Each week we show you one of the animals that has been admitted.

May 2017

Stanley the Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoo

Monday, 22nd May 2017

Age: Sub Adult   Sex: U Weight: 650gms

Found: A registered wildlife carer came to Stanley's rescue on the side of the road and rushed him to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for immediate medical attention.

Transported to: Stanley was brought to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by a registered wildlife carer.

Veterinary Assessment: Arriving in poor condition, Stanley was dehydrated and underweight. A thorough examination and x-rays showed that Stanley had an enlarged liver and a stable fracture in his ulna, which seemed to be an injury from a previous incident.

Treatment: Stanley was given fluids, pain relief and anti-inflammatories, and after spending five days in the Wildlife Hospital under vet care, he was placed with a specialised wildlife carer.

Future: With round the clock care from his specialised wildlife carer, it won't be long before Stanley is given the all clear and can be released back into the wild.

AZWH Fact: The yellow-tailed black-cockatoo is one of six species of black-cockatoo in Australia. Sadly, the wild population of black-cockatoos are experiencing a rapid decline due to habitat destruction, with loss of food supply and nesting area.

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