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Top reasons for rescue

  • Wildlife emergency calls
  • Kilometers Travelled
    5.5million + (3.4 million miles)
  • Hit by car
  • Orphan
  • Diseased
  • Pet Attack

Australia Zoo Rescue Unit

Rescuing Wildlife in Need

Living alongside wildlife can sometimes be difficult for humans. But for wild animals, it can be deadly.

For wildlife emergencies in South-East Queensland, call our 24 hour hotline on 1300 369 652.

Wildlife in Need

As our man-made world expands, wildlife face threats every day. In order to find food, new habitat or a mate for breeding season, many animals must cross busy roads, encounter domestic animals or escape from unusual locations. This is why the Australia Zoo Rescue Team exists.

Give $50 and help provide the team with a small carry cage to transport a sick or injured bird, flying fox or another small mammal.

Steve Irwin A True Wildlife Warrior and Hero for Animals In Need

Australia Zoo to the Rescue

With our support, the team acts as an animal ambulance. They’re on the road seven days a week responding to wildlife emergencies. From rescuing sea turtles in the ocean to koalas in the tallest of trees, they go above and beyond every day to help those in need.

Donate $60 and provide the team with a new rescue knife, used to remove the netting and poorly disposed of fishing gear from countless animals, including turtles and birds.

Australia Zoo Rescue Team Help Animals of All Shapes and Sizes

A Dedicated Team

Using kayaks, boats, harnesses, ladders, poles and countless other tools, they’re specially trained and equipped to retrieve animals from risky situations, and transport them to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. There is no job too big or small for these wildlife heroes.

Make a gift of $100 and provide the team with an emergency rescue pack including a torch, binoculars, bandages, and pliers (to free animals from barbed wire entanglements)

Steve, Terri and Bindi Irwin rescuing a tawny frogmouth bird

A gift from you today will help us rescue wildlife in need. Will you help us, help them?