Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

One of the largest and busiest wildlife hospitals in the world!

MISSION: To rescue, rehabilitate and release sick, injured, orphaned or displaced native wildlife and contribute to research that supports conservation of Australian native fauna.

Inspired by the memory of Steve's mum Lyn Irwin who was a pioneer in wildlife care and rehabilitation, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital opened in March 2004 and is dedicated to saving our native species. It was Lyn's dream to establish a wildlife hospital, and unfortunately this was not realised until after Lyn had passed away. Lyn's dream lives on, providing a lifeline for nature's innocent victims.

Steve and Terri renovated a small avocado packing shed into a wildlife hospital in 2004. In November 2008, this was proudly expanded into a larger treatment facility to accommodate the demand for wildlife treatment and care as well as to educate and inspire visitors to make a difference to our world through conservation. The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is now one of the largest and busiest of its kind in the world.

A dedicated group of wildlife veterinarians, vet nurses and volunteers all work around the clock to provide first-class care for sick, injured and orphaned animals. The hospital itself is world-class including a veterinary facility with an intensive care room and laboratory, separate holding facilities for different species, diseased wildlife and orphans, rehabilitation enclosures and special turtle recovery facilities.


Patient Statistics:
Grand Total - 78616 Patients Admitted
September 2018 - 690 Patients Admitted