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Our Inspiration

Irwin Family

Where It All Began

Steve and Terri Irwin established Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors in 2002, seeing a long-time dream of theirs fulfilled. Having done so much for conservation  already, they only wanted to do more and help other conservationists achieve their goals as well.  After putting together their dream team to run the organisation, the Irwins became patrons of the charity and had Australia Zoo become the Major Sponsor, committing to cover all administrative costs. A generous contribution such as this allows Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors to apply 100% of all public donations we receive directly to the conservation and preservation of wildlife.

Share The Dream

Steve Irwin epitomised the Wildlife Warrior because he was the original; he created the term. This organisation is based on the very ideals of Steve Irwin and they will live in the hearts, the consciousness and in the daily lives of the Wildlife Warriors team as we share his dream of conservation and strive to make it a reality.  We will miss you, boss, but we promise to put our hearts and souls into it for conservation, just like you did – every day.