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Board of Directors

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, with a Board of Directors and Management Committee determining the organisation's activities.

Director Appointed Profession
Terri Raines Irwin 22/08/2012 Australia Zoo Chair
Wesley Gene Mannion 4/11/2002 Australia Zoo Director
Walter Anthony Lovett 16/03/2004 Accountant
Kenneth Hicks 16/03/2004 Town Planning and Local Government
Suzelie Connelly 16/03/2004 Project Facilitator
Andrew William Lovett 8/8/2011 Accountant – Alternate to WA Lovett

Committee of Management

The names of the members of the Committee of Management charged with responsibilities in relation to the Wildlife Warriors Public Fund are:

Name of Committee Member Appointment Date Profession
Walter Anthony Lovett 12/11/2002 Accountant
Malcolm McColm 16/03/2004 Solicitor