Cambodian Elephants

Preventing habitat destruction and promoting co-existence with local villages.

Working in partnership with Fauna and Flora International in Cambodia, Wildlife Warriors invests in a range of strategies to prevent the destruction of elephant habitat and helps local villages to co-exist with these majestic animals.

Our program supports farmers and develops alternative livelihood strategies to mitigate human-elephant conflict. As a direct result of the implementation of this program in Cambodia, in 2016 there were no elephant deaths attributed to human-elephant conflict such as poisoning and other lethal management practices, something we're extremely proud to be a part of.

Despite this triumph, sadly Asian elephant populations continue to decline throughout their range, nearing extinction in the wild in many of the thirteen countries where they live. We are proud to continue our investment into anti-poaching programs, government liaison, community education and the establishment of good practices to protect these gentle giants from a brutal extinction.