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Conservation Projects

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors is working closely on a select group of conservation programs to protect endangered species. We are a small but highly mobile and efficient organisation, and we have chosen to focus our efforts in these key areas, where we feel that Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors can make a significant positive impact on the future of these wild places and their denizens.

Australian Conservation Projects

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Located near Australia Zoo at Beerwah in Queensland, Australia, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital was opened in March 2004, inspired by the memory of Lyn Irwin (Steve's mum), who was a pioneer in wildlife care in Queensland.

Marine Conservation

Supporting Australian Grey Nurse Shark research and conservation, and Sea Shephard's fight for marine conservation globally.

Asian Conservation Projects

Sumatran Tigers

It is presently a very real possibility that the tiger will become extinct in our lifetime. Tiger conservation is therefore now more critical than ever.

Cambodian Elephants

The Asian elephant is declining throughout its range and nearing extinction in the wild in many of the thirteen countries where it occurs.

African Conservation Projects


Despite their status as the fastest land mammal on earth, cheetah are fast running out of time with an estimated 9,000 to 12,000 remaining in the wild.

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