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Vet Students

Vet Students The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital's motto is "save one, save the species", and it is with this in mind that we offer several vet student placements.

What can I expect?

Students are based in the clinic, working alongside our qualified experienced veterinarians. You will have the opportunity to observe and assist with procedures, gaining unique experience with native Australian wildlife. You will be required to commit a minimum of five consecutive days for this program, working from 8:00am – 5:00pm daily.

How do I apply?
Applications are accepted up until the end of April of the proceeding year. No applications are accepted after the end of April, and placements will be confirmed by the end of May.

These placements are offered to international, interstate and Queensland 5th year vet students, and a limited number of 4th year UQ vet students only. Placements are very competitive and selections are based on the merit of a written application addressed to

Placements at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital are in high demand, so it is recommended that you apply early! Make sure you check out the profiles of recent vet students here for a feel of the program.