Trauma Season

Help us help them this Trauma Season

September marks the beginning of spring in South-east Queensland and the start of trauma season at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. As temperatures rise so too do the Wildlife Hospital's patient admissions. Every year from September to January, the number of wildlife coming through the doors almost triples as many species enter breeding season. As wildlife begin to move around in the warmer months, in search of a mate or suitable habitat, domestic pets and busy roads pose a greater threat to wildlife.

This is the busiest and most confronting time of the year for us; this is Trauma Season!

You can help protect wildlife in your local area by spreading these important conservation messages:

DRIVE SAFELY - adhere to speed limits and be sensible around wildlife close to roads.

KEEP YOUR PETS AWAY - be conscious of your pets and where they are, especially at night when koalas and other nocturnal wildlife are on the move.

DONATE TO WILDLIFE WARRIORS - a donation to Wildlife Warriors helps Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital continue its lifesaving work.